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An oil boiler is a complicated piece of machinery that needs annual attention at the very least. Many parts should be inspected. Below is a short explanation of what to expect when performing a service on your home boiler system.


Soot buildup can cause major issues such as corrsion of the chamber walls and loss of performance. Performing a proper cleaning can help in many ways.

Inspect Flu Pipe

Holes in the exhaust flue can lead to corbonmonixide leakage. Small holes can be patched but larger holes mean the sectin of corroded flue pipe will need to be replaced.

Oil Filter Change

The oil filter prevents small impurities from clogging the oil burner nozzle. If this happens the system would shut down. An anual tune-up will curb this problem.

Efficency adjustment

Your burner can be running "out of tune", if this is the case it is running ineficcently and could be costing you uneccessarily. A tune-up will help correct any issues.

Air Gate Adjustment

Proper air flow is crucial for proper combustion. The Air Gate is cleaned and adjusted

Nozzle Replacemnet

A dirty nozzle can cause issues such as improper flame. An improper flame cannot produce proper flame so a clean nozzle is imperative to proper, cost effective fucntion.

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We service all brands of boilers and HVAC euqiptment. We have been servicing the Long Island area; both Nassau & Suffolk County for over 25 years and will continue to do the same. We have been through the hard times and always weathered the storms to support our customers and community. We have a great online presence and thank our many customers for their continued patronage. Listed below is some information that may help you schedule a maintanance service.

3 Signs your boiler may need servicing

As you may have heard, it is important to service your boiler at least once a year. If you have not and your boiler is making some noises you arent sure about, perhaps this can help you.

Boiler Maintenanc

Boiler maintenace is important in keeping efficency and reliability at its highest. Annual service appointments also keep the warranty of the product active. Many parts make up the boiler system and should be inspected once a year. These parts are listed below.